Step Out and Take a Chance

From the book Closer to God Each Day – by Joyce Meyer

Many people I meet want to start at point A in their Christian life, blink their eyes twice, and be at point Z. Many of them are frustrated about not knowing what their gifts are or what God has called them to do with their life. Some of them are so afraid of failing and making mistakes that it keeps them from stepping out.

We all have undeveloped potential, but we will never see it manifested until we believe that we can do whatever God says we can do in His Word. Unless we step out in faith, believing that with God nothing is impossible, He cannot do the work in us that He wants to do to develop our potential. It takes our cooperation and willingness through faith, determination, obedience, and hard work to develop what He has put in us.

Nobody can be determined for us, but we can be determined for ourselves. If we are not determined, the devil will steal from us everything we have. I encourage you to give your potential some form by doing something with it. You will never find out what you are capable of doing if you never try anything. Don’t be afraid to step out into what you believe God is leading you to do. When you step out, you will find you are capable of great things.

Be bold, be brave, and be all you can be!

Prayer Starter: Father, I lift up all of my concerns, all of my fears to You right now. I choose to believe Your Word—and know that through You, all things are possible. Help me to be bold and brave. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Who Is This?

“Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” — Mark 4:41

While the chaos of a storm threatened the disciples, Jesus slept soundly on a cushion. The disciples were just starting to get to know Jesus, and they wanted him to help. They may have thought he could help with a bucket, but they did not expect him to quiet the overwhelming wind and waves.

With a strong command Jesus overcame the death-threatening storm, rendering the tempest “completely calm.” This certainly relieved the disciples, but it also stunned them into trying to figure out who Jesus was.

Their vital question, “Who is this?” is also ours. We may have expectations for what we’d like Jesus to do and to be, but isn’t it better that we listen to what Jesus says and watch what he does in order to learn about him?

The sea and the wind are uncontrollable forces for us, but not for Jesus. And like Noah and his family (Genesis 6-9), the disciples survive the deadly water by the hand of God.

Do we realize how many ­aspects of life are beyond our control? Wouldn’t we like Jesus to help us deal with them? He is actually in complete control over them, and that could ­either scare us or comfort us.

The more we get to know Jesus, the more his authority over all things should bring us comfort, because we also know that he loves us.


Dear God, I am learning just how amazing Jesus’ authority in this world is. May I learn more and more about Jesus’ authority over all things, and how he can and does save me. Amen.

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